3d今天开奖结果是-至尊五分彩-加州东京30年后也可能发生大地震:Former British boxing champion accused of helping men flee to Syria to fight with ISIS

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Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Thursday raised the possibility of job losses amid the COVID-19 pandemic unless the proposed pay pause was endorsed on Macquarie Street。

Ms Berejiklian last week sought a freeze on pay rises for MPs, which was extended on Wednesday to include the entire NSW public service comprising 410,000 workers。

The NSW government has a fight on its hands to get a 12-month public sector pay freeze through parliament, with upper house crossbench MPs vowing to block the $3 billion saving measure。


The freeze would save about $3 billion, which would be reinvested in public projects。


Tony Lodge, for Coe, Small and Keeler, told the court that they preferred to remain standing throughout the hearing for religious reasons。


Abdulraouf Eshati, 28, of no fixed address, is charged with possession of articles in connection to the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism and offences under the Immigration Act 1971。

Anthony Small, 33, who won both the British and Commonwealth championships in 2009, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court alongside five other men to face terror and fraud offences。

"Todays threats from the premier should be beneath any political leader, but especially now when we are trying to pull together to recover from a pandemic," he said in a statement。

"If this option isnt accepted by the upper house, we have to go through other options。